West Midlands Canine Massage Therapy
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Welcome to my web site

West Midlands Canine Massage Therapy is based in Birmingham covering the West Midlands and parts of Warwickshire and Staffordshire.  

I specialise in Therapeutic Canine Massage (TCM), a remedial form of soft tissue manipulation for dogs that relies on an strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology to produce positive changes in your dog's health and mobility within just 1 - 3 sessions.

TCM offers a results driven approach to massage using techniques from 4 disciplines; Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release to relieve your dog’s discomfort by:
  • Releasing tight, sore muscles.
  • Removing debilitating ‘Knots’ or Trigger Points that cause referred pain.
  • Breaking down restrictive scar tissue caused by daily activities.

TCM can help resolve many day to day mobility issues, whether they have come on suddenly or been there for a while, and is also a natural form of pain relief that can help support orthopaedic issues like Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia with tangible results.

TCM is suitable for dogs of all ages and from all backgrounds so whether your dog:

  • Is a pet or a working dog.
  • Takes part in agility, flyball, caniX, field trials, obedience, etc.
  • Is old or young.
Therapeutic Canine Massage should be an essential part of ensuring their continued health and wellbeing.

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